About Us

photo by: Tory James

Hey Everyone. It’s been a while.

Hope you’re all enjoying the new look, we’re so cool now amirite?! Jokes aside, the Lance is back from its 10-month hiatus and ready to re-establish ourselves as your number one student news and entertainment resource.

Wait.. What even happened? Why’d you leave us?

Straight up, it’s what’s been happening to student newspapers everywhere. I know, it may come as a shock, but print media is no longer the way of the future! We had a tough time moving into the digital world and just couldn’t find our footing, but we’d like to think we got it figured out now.

That being said, we won’t be producing print material for the time being. Furthermore, our offices located in the basement of the CAW Student Centre will remain temporarily closed. We need some time figuring out how to utilize the space. It’s a big room and we’re now a small team. Ideally, we’d like to section the room in half. Half of it would remain as our offices, and the other half, not sure – any ideas? We’d love to know what you guys want out of it!

Our Mission

Can we just become relevant again? Some of you are probably reading this having no clue the University of Windsor even had a student newspaper.

Let’s change that. Let’s change a lot of things here at the University of Windsor. Spark some civil dialogue and advocate students. That sorta stuff.

In conclusion!

We’re here to speak on behalf of the students in an objective and conscious manner. We encourage any student who wants to be heard to speak out! Send us an email, comment on and partake in article discussions, and join us over at r/UWindsor on Reddit for weekly discussion threads!

Meet the Team!