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Existing on Campus Vol.1

International students express what they miss most about home.

by Selina McCallum
The Lance – Photojournalist

While some of us have the luxury of taking a car, bus or train ride to visit or return home from school, International students do not. They are miles away from their home, family, friends and everything that is familiar to them. Windsor becomes a whole new world for them where they can go on adventures, learn from their mistakes, and grow into an independent person. Below are 5 international students from 1st year to 4th year that were interviewed by The Lance about their experience being at the University of Windsor thus far.

“Existing on Campus” is an 8 part photography series highlighting the different cohorts of students attending the University of Windsor. This series aims to create a certain sense of human acknowledgement, realizing that every passerby on this campus is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.


Major: 2nd-year Business Administration and Computer Science
Home: Trinidad and Tobago


What do I miss about home? The breeze, the sun, the beach, the food, the people, the culture, the language - just the things that make Trinidad, Trinidad.


For the long-term, I would like to start my own company through the university. I like to seek problems and create a solution towards it. The university offers a program through the EPICentre which allows me to pursue this goal. In the long term I plan to expand this company globally and take the proceeds to donate to my country in order to help it become a first world country. I also have goals to innovate most African countries so that they can be independent. 


Major: 3rd-year Digital Journalism and Communications, Media and Film
Home: Nigeria


The weather. In the winter I try to stay at home and only leave if I have to go to class. After class, I go home immediately and turn on my heater because it’s really, really cold for me.


The relationships among students and the interactivity amongst people here is what I admire most at the University of Windsor. I’m a general member in the Nigerian Students Alliance and I like that we support and advocate for Nigerian students. As far as my projram goes, my favourite aspect is covering stories and getting updates. I love when I get first-hand information.


Major: 1st year Business Administration
Home: China

My parents, my family, and my dog, Dodo, are things I miss most about home. When I came to Canada in the first couple days, my mom called me twenty times a day. It made it hard because I can hear her voice but I cannot see her. Now I am settled and we talk every week.

I’ve always wanted to be an independent person and when I’m away from my parents for a while in China it feels good because I feel like I’m an adult. However, coming to Canada, everything is so different, I have to plan my spending and manage my time alone, all alone. The International Student Centre is there for support. When I need help I go to there and they help us.


Major: 4th year Communications, Media and Film
Home: Bahamas


I miss the weather. I miss being able to drive whenever I want to. I miss my friends a lot too.


When I first came I moved into Alumni and the RA (Resident Assistant) made my feel really welcomed. We built a relationship and I met more people through him because he introduced me to the Caribbean group, CAOS (Caribbean and African Organization of Students). I made some of my closet friends through CAOS. CAOS takes my mind off of being homesick sometimes.


Major: 1st year Computer Science
Home: Nigeria

I miss Nigerian food although I would never try to make it myself. Fun facts? My favourite artist is Kendrick Lamar. For fun I like to play soccer.


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  • Tara

    Great work! Loved how brief and to the point this article was. Also love the photos.

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