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Campus, Cannabis, and You

If weed is legal now, can I ball up on campus?

Selina McCallumn
Arts& Culture Writer


Frequently Asked Questions: Cannabis at the University of Windsor

Cannabis on Campus Infographic

UWindsor Cannabis Strategy

Daily News Article

UWindsor Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

Tomorrow weed will be legal in all of Canada and this is a law many Canadians didn’t think would be possible. Different provinces will have their own restrictions, but overall, weed is legal.

Employers all over Canada have been writing out policies and codes of conduct for their employees of when and where they can smoke cannabis. But what about here at the University of Windsor?

Ryan Flannigan, the Associate Vice-President of Student Experience for the University of Windsor says that students can smoke cannabis, but not just anywhere on campus.

“The strategy is we will allow anybody to smoke in designated areas. As it stands right now, there are designated smoking areas. Anywhere you’ll be able to smoke tobacco, you’ll be able to smoke cannabis on campus,” said Flannigan.

The law in Ontario permits that persons over the age of 19 to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis for personal use.

A question that arises is if more students will be attending class high or getting high after class. Flannigan says that may be a possibility due to the research looked at from the states.

“There are studies coming out of Washington and Colorado where it’s been legal for a couple years now and there is data to suggest that there is an increase in usage. If you look at the data somewhere between people aged 17 to 24 at least once a month, so data coming out of the states shows us that there is a small increase,” said Flannigan. “But whether it may impact the campus environment, it may not be the case.”

The fight to legalize cannabis has been around for more than a decade fought by medical cannabis activists and lovers of pot.

“I love the idea of it, especially when it comes to medical reasons,” said Jesse Dietrich, a second-year student majoring in Environmental Studies.

Some research has shown Smoking cannabis to have health benefits such as control types of muscle spasms, decreased anxiety and prevention of Alzheimer’s.

People apart of the cannabis culture have always fought to have it legalized while others created a stigma around people who smoke cannabis.

Now that it’s legal, this may change the way cannabis is seen when people smoke it recreationally. Deana Duong, a second-year student majoring in Environmental Studies says that the impact on campus will depend on the person.

“Some people like to smoke weed and some people don’t like the smell, and don’t want to be around it. It’s going to affect everybody differently,” said Duong.

The Ontario government has also introduced delivering cannabis right to your doorstep by ordering online. However, the University of Windsor cannabis strategy states that “the University mail system will not deliver cannabis packages in Residence or to other parts of campus.” Just in case anyone over the age of 19 in residence was wondering.

The strategy also states that anyone wanting to smoke cannabis should become aware of the effects and risks. Furthermore, like alcohol or illegal drugs, students are not permitted to be under the influence of cannabis when participating in academic activities where there is the requirement to operate equipment of any kind. This includes but is not limited to any Science or Engineering labs, VABE studios, and the operation of vehicles of any kind.

Peter Ryan, a third-year student majoring in Communications, Media and Film says he can’t imagine what campus will look like on Wednesday.

“In all honesty, I have no clue how the campus will look come Wednesday, but I just hope that students at least choose wisely on when and where they’re going to smoke,” said Ryan.


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