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The Green Team is Promoting Environmental Initiatives in UWin Residence

by Ashley Quinton

News and Politics Writer

The Green Team is helping to educate UWindsor residence students about environmental sustainability.

Dakota P. Allerston, co-founder of the Green Team and Community Assistant in Residence Services said the group educates students through conservation, recycling habits, and green-driven projects. “We started off focusing on the short-term concerns, by giving practical examples like taking five-minute showers or plugging the sink while doing dishes.”

Allerston said students recognize they have an impact on the environment but they don’t realize how big it actually is.

The group runs month-long events to change how students perceive their impact on the environment, such as their March event, encouraging less meat consumption. “We have also promoted energy conservation and we gave examples of turning off the lights when you leave the room or choosing the stairs as opposed to the elevator,” said Sabrina Lau, President of the Green Team. “This is kind of an opportunity for students to jump in and actually make a difference.”

Allerston illustrates while the short-term concerns are crucial, it is “the long term consequences they are really concerned about. You know, you’re going to see countries going under water. If you think there’s a refugee crisis right now, wait until people don’t have countries to inhabit and they’re going to be forced to immigrate to other countries.”

The team recognizes they’re not experts but they are concerned by the impact humans have on the environment and want to help students make informed decisions. “We’re trying to share what we’ve learned with others so that they can make informed decisions in their daily choices,” Allerston says the group feels obligated to promote an environmentally-friendly vision with the 900 students in residence.

Lau said residence is a great way to launch this initiative because it’s a smaller network of students. “This way we can really make some systemic changes hopefully once this becomes a bigger group, we’d love to spread this to further beyond just residence and include the entire campus.”

You can check out updates or follow the Green Team @uowgreenteam.


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