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The UWSA’s AGM Failed to Maintain Quorum

by: Ashley Quinton

News and Politics writer

Bylaw changes proposed by the University of Windsor’s Students’ Alliance remain in limbo after the quorum was again not met at the UWSA’s general meeting.

Executive reports, financials, and other motions were all to be reviewed and voted on by the general membership at the AGM but UWSA Board Facilitator Matthew Dunlop says the meeting went in and out of quorum. “Each time we lost quorum we allowed time for people to go out and grab some friends or make a phone call. We fluctuated about three or four times, mainly staying within four or five people,” he said. The board’s bylaw stipulates there have to be 75 full-time undergraduate students in attendance to achieve quorum. Dunlop says “only at the end did we really start to dip under 70.” He used that as an indicator as board facilitator to call for adjournment.

This latest failure to meet quorum follows two failed attempts at special general meetings (SGM). At the first SGM only 42 students showed up and the second was just shy of the required 75 students in attendance.

One motion was passed at the AGM: requiring the UWSA to publish a fee breakdown of all the membership and ancillary fees collected by the UWSA. This bylaw will also hold the alliance responsible to update the general membership if there are any changes to these fees. It’s something UWSA President Jeremiah Bowers says they have already started to do this and a fee breakdown chart is already posted on their website.

Matters not addressed during the AGM will wait until the 2019 AGM or an SGM if the board chooses to go that route.

Despite yet another failed general meeting, Bowers says there was a lot of interest in this AGM. “We were at quorum and at one point we were above quorum, so I think if we follow the same steps as we did for the AGM, except this time go out to classrooms, go to talk to people tell them why it’s important, we should be able to do an SGM if necessary.”

Bowers says students may lose interest when attending a general meeting because the process is lengthy. “People tend to be unenthusiastic when it comes to the governance process. So, I think as time went on people just got bored and decided to head out. From our end, we will definitely consider different ways to be more engaging with the membership and walk them through everything so that they also understand what they’re passing.”

The AGM’s agenda and executive reports are available on the UWSA’s website.


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