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UWindsor Students Show Off Their Style

by Selina McCallum

Some say the best place to discover yourself is during university. It’s a place where you can try new things, meet new people and grow into the person you want to be. One part of that includes finding your fashion sense. The Lance talked to a few students about their style and dressing up for school despite being in the midst of midterms. 

Nada Hussein // Con-Current Ed Drama // First Year

Nada is in her first year at UWindsor and she is from Egypt. She says that showing off who you are is a lot of fun, despite the pain that sometimes can come with that.

“I like to feel confident during midterms which is why I am dressed like this. Even though I’m in a lot of pain because of my heels but its fun to show off yourself,” said Nada.

Nada says that when she dresses up, she insistently will be in a better mood.

“I was feeling pretty upset this morning and I looked really bad. Then I went home, changed and came back and now I’m feeling so much better,” said Nada.

Burgundy is Nada’s favourite colour to wear. All of her clothes are from Egypt.

“All of my clothes are actually from Egypt, not from here. I just moved for university,” said Nada.

Nada likes to throw on different accessories to complete her outfits.

“My style is comfortable but a little bit edgy. I always have an accessory or a scarf or something to change it up a bit,” said Nada.

Michael Okoko // Biological Sciences // Second Year

Michael Okoko is in his second year majoring in biological sciences. He says that when he looks better, he does a lot better in school.

“I feel like how you look says a lot. Normally when I dress well I just feel better and I just do better in school,” said Michael.

He decides not to put too much stress on himself when it comes to midterms. He likes to balance his focus on himself and his well-being.

“Midterms aren’t everything. You shouldn’t just let that consume your life, you should still express yourself and your individuality. I try to dress nice and focus on other things besides school,” said Michael.

“In passing others you don’t really talk to people so like just them being able to see you and how you dress it shows a lot of your personality,” said Michael.

The second-year student also likes to wear streetwear clothing, but his style changes every day.

“It differs day to day but I like more streetwear and long tees. In the colder weather I like layering and showing off different colours in my outfits,” said Michael.

Michael likes to be original when it comes to fashion. He also likes to represent his brother’s clothing brand called We Are Youth.

“I shop online a lot. I don’t really like people having the same clothes as me. My brother has a brand called “We Are Youth” and the sweater I’m wearing is his brand. I just wear a lot of his pieces and different casual things,” said Michael.

Chris Zorbas // Digital Journalism and Communications, Media and Film // Third Year

Chris Zorbas does not consider himself fashionable at all but was happy to share with The Lance his progress in becoming fashionable.

“I actually really don’t consider myself fashionable. Throughout my high school years my style decisions that were questionable at best. In university I feel like I’ve had more style, I think my style just became more mature, to be honest,” said Chris.

“I think my sense of style and clothing choice and certainly other aspects like how my hair was styled really reflected what I cared about most at the time. Whereas in high school I was more jersey’s and Sweatpants, it’s become more try and find a collared shirt and nice shoes,” said Chris.

Chris doesn’t put too much thought into his outfits, but he does want to stand out.

“I think my style now is mostly comfortable. I don’t like to be super bold or anything like that but I’ve always wanted to stand out just a bit,” said Chris.

Chris is a huge sports fan and he says his style can attest to that.

“I still wear a lot of sports gear, anyone who’s seen me around campus can attest to that. I want to be a sports writer and though I don’t play them, sports and teams are a big part of my life and my style reflects that.”

Chris isn’t picky when it comes to shopping.

“As for where I shop, I really don’t have any favourites or patterns or anything, it’s more if I see something I like, I’ll take it.”



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