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UWinsite Student Issues Apology

The UWinsite Student Team has issued an apology regarding a recently released video which addressed various rumours about the new system. The video has since been deleted. You can find the apology below:

UWinsite Student Team here.
The intent of this video was to address some rumours circulating in a fun and timely manner before the launch of UWinsite Student. If it comes across smug, we apologize.
The tone of the video was our attempt to spin off of Rumour Patrol and Mean Tweets, two fairly common and generally well-received pieces of pop culture. We were trying to get your attention. As you’ve noted, UWin is a busy place, especially at this time of year. And despite our best attempts to get the correct information into students’ hands, there was still a lot of misinformation about UWinsite Student out there. If you have questions about UWinsite Student, please email uwinsite@uwindsor.ca. We’re responding to most inquiries within 24 hours and will continue to do so after the new system launches. There’s also a growing list of resources available on www.uwindsor.ca/uwinsitestudent.


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  • Peter Ryan

    And I will still not be reaching out to them for help. Their video was highly inappropriate and unprofessional. This is a university, not a twitter meme page. This administration should really understand the difference, and act accordingly.

  • Kiley Kuharski

    The problem with this whole thing, is that they don’t consider the students needs. We complain and they treat it like a joke. I have talked to so many students who aren’t happy with certain aspects of this change and I know people have emailed too. They should wait on implementing this website because clearly people aren’t going to be happy with it.

  • James MacDonald

    This is an extremely poor apology. I saw the video there was nothing funny about that it was just plain rude.

  • Kyle

    If they were attempting to do something funny like a parody then get the drama students to do something. Any backlash they get from this is deserved.

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