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Where to Wander Outside of Campus

Travel near Windsor

It’s inevitable, we all need to escape campus life for a little while. Well, you’re more central than you think when it comes to living in Windsor! Being a border city allows access to some American gems within a few hour range (Chicago or Cedar Point anyone?). Moreover, give yourself the chance to become more familiar with your surroundings. From chill parks to unique neighbourhoods, get out there and explore.

Clear your mind, recharge, and wander into some lovely spots within reach.

Skyline across from windsor

Sure, mountains would be a cool backdrop, but the astonishing proximity of the Detroit skyline is something to soak in and admire. Rich with history, it’s a collage of stunning art deco aesthetic and human achievement… even if the GM building throws the view off by looking like an 80’s Sci-Fi rocket launcher, it’s still badass. However, don’t just admire Detroit from afar, go to it.

You have the amenities of a metropolitan city within reach, try and take advantage of it. Take the Tunnel Bus and do as the Detroiters do! Slam a pint at The Ol Sheleighly and take their shuttle to a Tigers game. Indulge into the hipster-ness of Midtown and show how our neighbours at Wayne State University how to party. Get lost in The Belt or any other art complex in the area. Lastly, don’t miss your favourite artist! Keep up to date with the plethora of concerts that the city continually churns out.

Detroit’s not a scary place like yo' momma told ya. This city one of the most historical and culturally dense places in the U.S and it’s currently undergoing an extraordinary revitalization movement. Obviously, stay safe and don't be an idiot. Like any city, there are areas you want to avoid, so be mindful of that. Make sure you know the best route to take before you try and find a solid Coney Dog joint (Lafayette > American Coney).

Having said that, the U.S is being pretty weird right now, and crossing the border can provoke more anxiety than those dreams you have about missing an exam. I’ll leave it to your discretion if you want to visit within the next 3 years.

Point Pelee
place near windsor

Straight up, compared to some cities its size, Windsor’s natural and forest landscape is pretty weak. Good thing there’s a place 40 minutes away that makes up for it.

Being located at the southern-most point of the Canadian mainland, Point Pelee sits on the same latitude as Rome and Barcelona, thus gifting the National Park with some of the rarest plants and animals in the country. Grab some bikes and head to “The Tip” to claim your 2-minute title as the lowest person in the country.

Point Pelee is a great place to find your zen. Take your time and notice that you’ve successfully removed yourself from a hectic campus environment. Chill out and skip some stones. Do this before finals and thank me later.

Bonus – the water is actually swimmable here compared to everywhere else in Windsor! Just to be safe though, keep your head above water, literally.

Malden Park
Park near windsor

This grassy wonderland is perfect for a quick escape. Only minutes from main campus, Malden Park is a prime location for a nature nap and a frisbee game in the warmer months. Any Windsorite will tell you the park is a solid first date spot, so woo your significant other with a walk through the gardens while avoiding angry geese.

Malden Park is home to both Windsor's highest elevation point (a whopping 90 meters) and concussions per capita (probably). Nicknamed "Suicide Hill", tobogganing at here may guarantee a bloody nose but is an essential part of your "outer-campus" experience. As long as your not as high as the hill itself, you should be good.


Dubbed the city's hip and happenin' neighbourhood, Walkerville always has something to do. Taste Windsor's finest at Walkerville Brewery, eat yourself sick at the Night Market or stroll through Willistead park (pictured above), to name a few.

Although Walkerville is predominantly considered to be apart of the Wyandotte corridor, the area stretches into two other unique neighbourhoods: Erie St. and Ottawa St. Known as "Little Italy", Erie St. is stacked with mouth watering cuisine and Euro-style bakeries. Ottawa St. is a quaint shopping district, fostering two dope pizza places (Krusty's and Riveria), an array of tattoo parlors, and Windsor's only comedy club.

You can't really go wrong when wandering through this place, it's home to some of the best food and beverage joints around, with solid year-round festivals to boot.


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