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Who Wore it Best: Top Lancer Uniform Rankings

by Paige Johnston

Why is it that a sports uniform connects so closely with a team’s identity?  Spectators are quick to choose teams based on the colours or designs of sport team uniforms. Heck, an Eastern Ontario woman won thousands by placing bets on National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) college football teams solely based on her favourite jerseys. The design of sports uniforms places higher importance than we give it credit.

Here at the University of Windsor, blue, gold, and white combine to produce a spectrum of uniforms from the trendy to the bland. The first-ever “Top Lancer Uniform Rankings” are finally here. From the turf to the wooden court, and onto the track and field lanes, Lancer team uniforms vary in style. Here we present the first annual “Top Lancer Uniform Rankings” from worst to best.  

#8- Men’s Volleyball

Starting at ranking #8, the Men’s Volleyball team. The Lancers definitely did not “ace” this jersey. Although sometimes simple is sexy, this plain pinny does not satisfy as snazzy jersey design. Maybe adding a simple “Lancers” or “Windsor” text to the jersey would be a welcomed addition.  

Photo courtesy of https://golancers.ca/

#7- Men and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field

The Lancers’ Men and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field jersey follow in the rankings at #7. These singlets have jumped, sprinted, and dashed their way to National Championships but finish second to last on this list. These jerseys may be better described with the phrase “Plain Jane,” due to the outdated logo and bare background.

Photo courtesy of https://golancers.ca/

#6 Men’s Basketball

In slot #6 we have the Men’s basketball jerseys. This uniform is unique among Lancer teams in its grey-dominated colour design, but it seems as though the uniform is missing one of our home team’s main colours. Where’s the gold? These jerseys sure are sleek but ranks near the bottom of my list due to the absence of a crucial Lancer colour.

Photo courtesy of https://golancers.ca/

#5 Women’s Basketball

The Women’s basketball team comes in the rankings at #5. These white jerseys are unique to Lancer athletics due to the pattern placed on the top of the jersey. Yet, these jerseys find themselves only in the mid-level ranking due to the lack of detailing throughout the rest of the uniform. Maybe having a consistent pattern throughout would slam-dunk these jerseys closer to the top of this year’s rankings.

Photo courtesy of https://golancers.ca/

#4 Football

Unlike the Lancer Football team’s performance this season, their jerseys placed in the middle of the pack ranking at #4. The subtle directional patterned background is an asset to the football uniform. Although, why are the numbers so big? I know football players are full-sized individuals but is it really necessary to have the numbers in font 72pt?

Photo courtesy of: https://golancers.ca/

#3 Men and Women’s Hockey

Much like a skate blade on a freshly flooded ice rink, the men’s and women’s hockey sweaters sure are sharp. These brand-new jerseys have both of the hockey teams showing up to the rink in style. These retro-styled crisp white jerseys, topped with a lace v neck, earn the hockey teams a spot in our top 3.

Photo courtesy of https://golancers.ca/

#2 Men and Women’s Soccer

Similar to the Ombre hair colour trend, ringing in at #2, the Men and Women’s soccer teams. These short sleeve uniforms incorporate a unique flow of Lancer colours, transforming from blue to white. The “Windsor Lancers” text is topped off with a horse and knight holding the Lancer shield. This unique depiction adds to the basic blue, gold, and white jersey’s we have seen in the past.

Photo courtesy of https://golancers.ca/

Drum roll, please….

#1 Women’s Volleyball

Ringing in at #1 on our ‘Top Lancer Uniform Rankings’, is the Women’s Volleyball team. These navy long-sleeves are a top competitor. The bright yellow stripes racing down the side of the jersey highlight the Lancer style. This jersey does a great job incorporating all three of the Lancers colours while including the Lancer shield as a focal point. Congratulations to the women’s volleyball team for smashing their way into first place on the 2018-2019 “Top Lancer Uniform Rankings.”

Photo courtesy of https://golancers.ca/

Do you agree with these rankings? Let us know where we nailed our order, or better yet, let us know where we faltered. Whether the uniform is on the top or the bottom of our list, it’s not the design on the jersey that matters, it’s the athletes who represent it.


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