12 Tips for Fresh University Graduate in 2020

Whether you’re just starting a new job, still searching for one, or about to graduate, you soon realize that the real world is different from life within the four walls of the university.

Learn these valuable tips to help you avoid the common mistakes new graduates make and scale your way to the top while pursuing your career. See below:

1. Don’t Stay Discouraged

Life after college can be discouraging for new graduates. You may experience some bout of rejections, bitter criticisms, and setbacks, nonetheless don’t let it get to you nor your resolve to keep striving.

2. Read Biographies of Your Esteemed Icon


Readers are leaders; that will always be true. Read extensively about the journey of the successful people you admire their career or lifestyle, what they had to do before getting it right, their response to hardship, and their method for inventing. This practice will help broaden your imagination, behavior, and growth

3. Avoid Doubting Yourself

Undoubtedly, doubts will come when embarking on any new journey. More so, because the people around you might tell you what you can do or can’t. Starting a new venture or career may frighten you, which isn’t abnormal. However, don’t be afraid to shoot for the sky. Don’t worry about your lack of experience, instead map out a plan to gain more skill and reach for your goals.

4. Ask for Help

Fresh graduates may find many things perplexing in the beginning. Hence, they must seek help. Rather than staying worried, contact people for referrals, internship, and volunteering opportunities. This process might help you secure a good starting job as you develop connections.

5. Experience Counts Mostly

Many organizations believe that a degree isn’t the single most critical factor to look out for in applicants. Companies are more interested in your skillset; hence, you must build your resume before applying. Engage in volunteer activities to gather experience, take on tasks outside your job description in some organization, and see them as a learning opportunity. This tip will expose you to more possibilities in the future.

6. You’ll Do More Than Expected

Working in a position for an organization comes with specific duties and responsibilities; however, you shouldn’t be surprised when beckoned to handle tasks beyond your job description.
Don’t nag about it. Brace up and face the new challenge. In the course of carrying out this extra duty, you’ll not only become a treasure to your employer, but you’ll be acquiring a new skill.

7. Don’t Fall for the Social Media Trick

After college, graduates are eager to make something out of their lives. You’ll find lots of your peers posting their progress on social media. Don’t let such a display affect you negatively or make you compare yourself to others. Instead, concentrate on giving the best to your venture or job, appreciate your little wins, and never make comparisons.

Moreover, avoid chasing success hastily. Follow all the due progress as there’s a story behind every success you see.

8. Keep Valuable Friends

Post-college life demands valuable friendship. Surround yourself with people who are after the best for you. Keep friends that urge you to learn a new skill, top your degree, chase an old or new dream, and criticize you constructively.

9. Be Proactive

College graduates should engage in activities that’ll set them apart from their peers. Take wise financial decisions. Look into real estate investments and invest according to your savings. This step will help you become more financially buoyant in the future.

10. Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The workplace is where you’ll meet many different people just like you did in college, but this time, your job may require you to work with them.

Don’t be scared to try new things. Try to understand the people around you. It will help you get the work done and make your employer happy.

11. Make Your Findings

When it comes to your chosen career, make informed decisions. If you’re unsure about the career path to follow, check the Bureau of Labor Statistics to study your industry trend. You’ll see the growth of your industry. If it’s thriving, you may find it as an omen to join the industry. Conversely, if it’s saturated, you may decide to look for an industry less saturated, however, in demand.

12. Have a Mentor

As a graduate just building their career, you’ll need a mentor’s guidance for success. Find someone who demonstrates excellent expertise in your industry and seek their mentorship. To achieve this goal, endeavor to add value to your prospective mentor. Enroll in their programs or join their volunteer program if they have one. This attitude will stand you out amongst many others seeking mentorship from them.

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