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Life at the university can be daunting, enjoyable, and enriching. UWindsor Lance is a haven for students to read fantastic tales about experiences at the University of Windsor and get tricks and tips that’ll help them succeed during their stay.
This blog is a perfect student blog detailing university life to the core. Over here, you’ll see life at Windsor University through our unbiased lens.

About Lance

Hello there. My name is Lance. I started blogging in 2016 upon completing my Public Relations degree from the University of Windsor.

Subsequently, I was opportune to speak with several students interested in studying at my alma mater. They found my experience to be exciting and helpful. Therefore, I thought about reaching more learners who’d like to learn at the University of Windsor irrespective of the courses applied.

My goal is to show students what life could be like in an academic environment, reveal some of my mistakes and challenges to help them avoid the same. I’ll help you figure out what to do differently to enjoy a successful academic journey at Windsor University.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write for uwindsorlance.com?

Browse our Write for the Blog page to guide you through the process of writing for us.

Do I have to be a student at Windsor University to write for your blog?

Yes, since we write authentic, fun stories and activities going on in the school.

What are the benefits of writing for your blog?

Experience is a valuable benefit. Students can use this medium to up their writing, editorial, and research skills, giving them an advantage over their competitors after graduation.

What did blogger Lance study in school?

I studied Public Relations at the University of Windsor. So I’m an alumnus of the prestigious institution.

What's the purpose of uwindsorlance.com?

Our sole desire is to help not just Windsor university students but all learners scale through the complicated life of the tertiary institutions.

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