Smart Group Activities for College Students 

The college experience can be life-changing for students who come in as freshmen and leave as young adults after graduation. A lot happens in the four years (more or less), and the connection you make with your fellow students can make or break your stay. 

The combination of college fun with everything else is what you want to succeed with your peers. This can be challenging for new students. This article outlines brilliant college group activities to get you connected.

  • Create A Kickball Tournament 

Every student love some form of competition, and what better way to compete than creating a tournament over the weekend? Organize yourselves into groups, come up with team names, and then play. To make it more interesting, you can contribute to a prize to be won.

  • Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Are you new to the university environment? There is no better way to get familiar with the resources, building, and the entire landscape than a scavenger hunt. You should consider using mobile apps, such as Scavify, to create fun, engaging scavenger hunts when you are free as a group.

  • Game Night

You do not have to have all the fun during the day. Why not organize for a game night and enjoy your time together. Boardgame nights are as incredible as cards and storytelling. If you are short of ideas, think about bonfires, puzzles, video games, and truth or dare. These are some of the most entertaining games you can enjoy over the night with snacks and other refreshments.

  • Meet Your Faculty Mixer

Another essential piece of the college puzzle can be connecting with faculty. However, this is most enjoyable if you are comfortable consulting and feel more connected to the university environment. You can schedule a meet-and-greet with faculty members in a fun spot.

  • Create A Book Club

The chances are that you may have a challenge getting all your reading materials at the right time. Well, that should not be the case if you have peers who can help you out. A book club is a fun way to facilitate this while also having fun.

You can make it more interesting by playing charades with different characters from a book of choice. Additionally, book clubs can also double as study groups for discussing group assignments. This is a great way to share experience, ask the most challenging questions, and learn from your peers.

  • Make A Prayer Group

Spiritual nourishment can go a long way in fostering a conducive college environment for you to thrive. Prayer partners are becoming a trend in most universities.

Start by identifying common goals and meeting up to help each other grow spiritually. Additionally, you can form a social group to celebrate different views on matters concerning religion. This is a great way to enhance unity and diversity.

  • Plan A Diet

Is this surprising? It should not. Looking after your health can be daunting if you do not have people supporting your course. Find like-minded people and start a 30-day diet to improve your health. Regardless of what you plan, make sure you learn about its effectiveness and how you implement it efficiently.

You can also incorporate physical exercise in your plans and help each other grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Solve Mysteries

Are you interested in working on the planning front? Consider creating a mystery with clues and solve them as a group and individually. You can also use hidden treasures in this game. Alternatively, you can incorporate this in your game nights instead of enjoying it as a stand-alone game.

  • Volunteer

What is more fulfilling than making a difference in society? Your college life should be a starting point of something great, and you can do this by volunteering to support various organizations or helping the needy.

Organize yourselves and visit an orphanage, home for the aged, or children’s home over the weekend. Share what you have and enjoy a great time together.

You can also offer aid by teaching the community about various aspects. Are you studying law? Offer free legal aid.

The Bottom Line 

Connecting with peers can be one of the biggest challenges you face in your college life as a freshman. The lack of connection can create a gap between you and your fellow students. These gaps require bridging, and these tips should help you build the bridge the fun way.