Studying is the primary hustle for any student, but it’s impractical to be on books 24/7; you need time out to rejuvenate and rest.


What you do during this break dictates your mental, physical, and emotional health, which determines your level of concentration.


At any one point, go for activities that promote proper mental well being for the following reasons


  • Supports social interaction for long-lasting relationships
  • Establishes crucial contacts in their career
  • Develops interpersonal skills like teamwork and problem-solving skills
  • Enhances cognitive development
  • Acquits one with the surrounding environment
  • Promotes confidence and further self-esteem


Most institutions incorporate some of the activities as part of the curriculum to know the benefits.


Extracurricular activities are essential in a school’s setup. What you do should be in line with your passion and interests. Here are some of the things you can do to achieve this.


  1. Engage in sports

Sports bring people of all walks in an informal set up for a common goal. Apart from fitness, it supports proper emotional and physical health.


After an intense physical exercise, you are fresh and rejuvenated to face a tough week with your books.


It also promotes good sleep, a crucial activity in enhancing one’s moods, and positive thoughts.


 Some of the sports you can do in school include

  • Indoor games( table tennis, badminton, and pool)
  • Outdoor games ( basketball, football, volleyball, cricket, handball)
  • Board games (scrabble, chess, ludo, monopoly)


You can engage in all sports; what factors should you consider when choosing a school sport?


  • Availability of the game equipment
  • A quorum to make a team
  • Your physical state of health
  • Interest and passion
  • Time to dedicate to practices and tournaments


  1. Participate in student politics

Your leadership skills are nurtured from the junior positions you hold in school. They equip you with the right management skills to sharpen your administrative interest.


Student government is one such forum that gives you the bargaining power with the authorities.


If advocacy is your line of interest, then student government should be your extracurricular activity.


It comes with the following benefits


  • Throw you in the public limelight on your leadership skills
  • Develops your leadership and professional skills
  • Gives the chance to contribute to sensitive matter in personal and professional development
  • Exposes you to the corporate and advocacy world


  1. Creative arts performances

A school set up nurtures talents to international levels. People come to schools to scout for young talent to shape to suit their industry.


Creative art is a big industry with many skills. Actors, musicians, comedians, artists, cartoonists, among others, are among great talents in this category.


As long as you have the passion and natural skills, you can do it anywhere, for it needs no equipment.


You can do it even in the field; if power may hinder, why not request the school to get you a generator?


It helps provide the extra power to enhance your talent irrespective of the location.


  1. Blogging

If you want something that will enhance your writing skills, then blogging is a great pass time as a student.


Its advantage is that you can also make an extra income from it. Have you ever heard of freelance writing?


As a blogger, you can choose a niche relevant to the students to keep them informed on things that concern them.


You can go a step further and monetize your blog for that extra income. Before you notice, corporate are all over you to host adverts on your blog.


Which student doesn’t want to make extra cash?

  1. Join academic clubs

If you are looking for an activity in line with your area of study to minimize deviation, then join academic clubs for the same purpose.


If you love the environment, then the environmental club is a good option. Join them and create an impact on society.


Activities that come with that are therapeutic in line with the academic work. Those in the catering department can offer their services during functions.


Why not choose to offer some barbeque in the evening using a pellet stove in some corner of the field?


It’s a kitchen appliance ideal for people looking for various delicacies’ traditional taste.


  1. Non-academic clubs

You can choose to form a club of like-minded individuals with a similar objective in helping society. Why not register your club and offer motivational talks.


Health clubs are essential to sort a prevailing problem like sexuality and HIV/Aids, among other illnesses.


They act as awareness clubs to manage societal challenges. After school, you enhance the skill and be among the ring leaders in various functions before you notice.


Debate clubs and youth clubs also fall in this category.


  1. Community service and volunteer work

Are you passionate about touching lives? What is the missing link within your school’s neighborhood?


Can you do something to create an impact? You don’t have to do it manually, but you can use your mobilization skills and partner with a community with the systems, and come on board as a team to offer the labor.


When you focus on your books, forgetting the other aspect of life, it’s easy to be a social misfit. Think of your life after books. You only make it now or never.